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We select from the best LPs that provide the highest level of cannabis

We can help your clinic with cannabis related therapies

Are patients asking about alternative treatments? We can help with Telemedicine

Licensed Producers


We work with the best licensed growers in Canada. Our healthcare professional understand the needs of patients and have been trained in the use of Cannabis therapies.

If you are a licensed producer and Welchek could partner with your group and provide high level care to patients who could benefit from cannabis therapies.


Medical Clinics

Our Clinical staff are trained to understand the needs of patients with chronic diseases.


As more and more evidence becomes available, cannabis treatment has shown to be efficacious in a number conditions.

Our healthcare practitioners understand dosing schedules and strains that would  be most beneficial to your patients. At WelChek we take a kind, compassionate approach to patients. 


Pharmacy Clinics

Patients maybe asking you for alternative therapies from chronic symptoms. Cannabis has been shown to be effective in treating a number of conditions.

Our healthcare professionals can continue the education you start with your patients and help them understand the possible role of cannabis treatment. 

Our kind, compassionate non-judgemental team is always ready to help.


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