Telemedicine in Canada

The future is now with WelChek Telemedicine Platform

More and Canadians and their physicians acknowledge that telemedicine portals will Reduce wait times and give better access to healthcare.

With the WelChek telemedicine platform you can access a healthcare professional using a secure video conference

Receive your prescription directly or sent to your pharmacy

All conveniently from the comfort of your home using any device connected to the internet

Its safe, fast and secure. Book a consult today

The Canadian Medical Association found that 84% of respondents were interested in accessing their health data on an electronic platform

69% respondents thought having access to a telemedicine platform would reduce medical errors

75% of respondents envisioned using patient portals -- a secure website in which patients can book appointments,and access their health records at the click of a mouse.

Canadian Medical Health Summit - "Virtual care presents an opportunity to build a new mode for delivering medicine" ... Read more


Medical Cannabis in Canada

WelChek Healthcare Practitioners are here to help you understand Medical Cannabis

Health Care Providers at WelChek will review your condition and determine if cannabis treatment is right for you.


They will educate you on its use, dosages, strains and how to maximize its effects to treat your condition. 


Treatment plans are customized and a video consult with our practioners will help you understand how cannabis can be used in your particular condition.


"Medical Cannabis has been shown to be helpful in a number of conditions. WelChek can determine if it will be helpful for you"

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A complete 8 hour course outlining all aspects of Medical Cannabis in Canada.

You Will Become An Expert In :


  • Cannabis authorizations

  • Management of the cannabis patient

  • The Canadian Cannabis Act