Free Online Medical Cannabis Authorization

Easy and secure using a computer or smart device

Provided by Licensed Healthcare Practitioners

Compliant with the Canadian Cannabis Regulation Act

Accepting All Self and Healthcare Referrals Now


How it Works? - 3 Easy Steps

Access from Anywhere and Anytime

Our team at WelChek will facilitate and educate you or your patient through the entire process and will help you receive the highest quality of medical cannabis for your condition. Our optional online health tracker will allow WelChek practitioners to follow your progress and ensure your safety while on cannabis therapy. WelChek is here to help you get better. Register today to see if you are eligible for a medical authorization / prescription and direct home delivery.





The WelChek Advantage

Store and Access Health Records Anywhere and Anytime using the WelChek patient portal

Monitor all your Authorizations and Prescriptions including dosage and frequency of use

Optional real time vital signs monitoring (e.g. heart rate, blood pressure) while on therapy

Optional safety feature to send alerts automatically if vital signs are abnormal during therapy 

Medical Cannabis Use

Cannabis is a natural alternative to treat many conditions such as chronic pain, anxiety, depression and arthritis among others with minimal side effects. There is growing evidence showing that cannabis can lower opioid related deaths and is an effective treatment choice for many medical problems. A medical authorization allows less restrictive access to cannabis. WelChek can show you how.