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  • Free Cannabis Authorizations for eligible patients.

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  • Medical cannabis delivered directly to your home

  • Must be over 25 yrs of age

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  • Consult from the comfort of your home

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  • Prescriptions with home delivery

Online Doctors Prescriptions & Notes in Canada 

or less per visit depending on consult - Cannabis consult Free

Online Doctor and Licensed Practitioner Consultation


WelChek enables you to get in touch with a doctor online or licensed Canadian practitioner within minutes. If you have any health queries or require an online prescription our online doctors are here to help from the comfort of your home. Using our App or computer, an easy video conference will connect you to compassionate and caring healthcare practitioners.


Access An Online Doctor when you need them the most. No more waiting in line or in an Office

WelChek doctors and practitioner are licensed to practice in Canada and have experience in treating many physiological conditions, sexual health, mental health problems. They are also licensed to give medical cannabis authorizations for eligible patients. With an excellent patient experience and a highly recommended service, WelChek clinicians provide you with high quality virtual care right in your home.

Quality healthcare services and patient empowerment are important to us. 

Your vital healthcare queries can easily answered from certified doctors online and licensed practitioners. Our mobile app provides you with a doctor in your pocket anywhere and anytime.


Your access to healthcare is important.

Being able to answer and treatment your medical needs should not take days or weeks. With our services you can have your questions answered by professionals easily and quickly. 


Book an appointment 24x7 online

A handpicked network of doctors and practitioners are able to assist you. Our practitioners are Canadian accredited and practice here in Canada. 

Get your online prescription

If you require a prescription for your illness. A online prescription will be given to you immediately. It will have details of your dosage, frequency of use and a licensed practitioners signature. Your prescription can be taken to a pharmacy of your choice. You can even have them delivered to your home by your pharmacy.